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Oil and Gas Diverter Manifold BROCHURE DOWNLOAD

· Heat-spinning technology, seamless structure, and reliable for safe operation .

· Large-size structure, fewer valves, tubes and joints, and l · ess danger of gas leakage.

· Easily discharging of residue liquid.

· Equipped with branch-tubes and accessories, easy for operation and maintenance.

· Add additional gas-filling devices, energy saving and environment protection.

· Applied to CNG, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen and air gas

· Customization.


Oil and gas manifold is to divert the flow of oil and gas from separator or surge tank to other burner or gas flare or to other flowline. Oil manifold connects to separator oil line and lead oil or gas to surge tank or gauge tank, transfer pump, and the burner. It allows oil leaving the separator or surge tank to be diverted to tank, burners, and production line. Typically, it consists an arrangement of

piping, five ball valves, crossover with hammer union and skid assembly, but flexible configuration of valves and ports. Gas from the separator flows through the gas manifold which connected to the separator gas line and is directed to one of two gas flares Gas manifold is equipped with 2 ball valves.

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