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Our Certifications
ASME and API certified manufacturing facilities

· Pressure containing parts are forged from premium alloy steel, providing excellent strength and impact ductility.

· A large inventory of ram rubber, low frictional resistance during open/close, help to seal the well under pressure.

· Packing is interchangeable with BOP of the same model abroad.

· Working pressure: 2000 psi 20000 psi (14 Mpa-105Mpa)

· Bore size diameter: 7 1/16" ~ 30"

· Working media: oil, gas, mud, including H2S and CO2 gases

· Metal temp Class: T75, T20, T0

· Non-metal seal temperature class: A ~ D (-15oF/-26oC ~ 250oF/121oC)

· Rated hydraulic controlled working pressure: 3000 psi

· Recommended working pressure:1200 psi ~ 1500 psi

· Upper and lower connection: the upper flange, planted wire, clamp connection; the lower flange,planted, clamp wire connection

· Fluid containment specifications: 1" NPT


Annular BOP is an important well control device that is mainly used for

drilling, workover, and other tasks to effectively control wellhead

pressure. This creates a safe working environment and prevents blowout

accidents. The annular BOP must be equipped with a hydraulic control

system. Typically, the annual BOP is used in conjunction with a ram BOP,

but it can also be used individually, and can either be spherical or conical.