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Our Certifications
ASME and API certified manufacturing facilities

·Pressure containing parts are forgings, providing excellent strength and impact ductility.

·A large inventory of ram rubber which can seal by itself.

·Areas exposed to fluids are welded with high nickel-based alloy for sour service.

·Working pressure: 2000 psi 20000 psi

·Nominal diameter: 71/16" ~ 30"

·Working media: oil, gas, mud, including H2S and CO2 gases

·Temp Class: T75, T20, T0

·Metal seal temperature level: A ~ D (-15oF/-26oC ~ 250oF/121oC)

·Rated hydraulic controlled working pressure: 3000 psi

·Recommended working pressure: 1200 psi ~ 1500 psi

·Upper and lower connection: the upper flange, planted wire, clamp connection; the lower flange, planted,

clamp wire connection

·Lock: hydraulic and manual lock

·Fluid containment specifications: 1" NPT

·Optional ram: half sealing gate, sealing ram, shear ram

·Outlet side connection: flange, silk, clamp connection


Ram BOP is an important equipment widely used in

onshore and offshore drilling. Ram BOP, such as

single ram BOP, double ram BOP, are mainly hydraulic

operated or manual operated. Ram BOP is resistant to

high-pressure characteristics which can prevent

blowouts and seal wellhead safely.

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