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TGY,TGYU Vertical Detachable Pipeline Pump BROCHURE DOWNLOAD

TGY and TGYU series pump is single stage, single suction, radically split vertical inline pump, which is designed and

manufactured according to API 610 and GB 3215 standard, and pump structure is according to API 610 OH4. OH4 vertical

inline pump is equipped with rigidly coupling and pump axially force is balanced by impeller’s wear ring and balance orifice, and

other force is balanced by thrust bearing in the bearing box. Clock wised viewed from motor to pump. TGY pump’s centerline of

suction and discharge are in the same level. TGYU pump’s suction and discharge are in the same side, and the pump is in U

shape. Easy to install and takes limited floor area.


Industrial water supply system, Fire fighting, Water supply Pipeline pressure increasing, Cooling water, Irrigation

Petrochemical project, Sewage water processing