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Our Certifications
ASME and API certified manufacturing facilities

· Gas process capacity: 25-50 X 104NM3/D (or more)

· Liquid process capacity: 50-300 m3/d (or more)

· Processing medium: Crude oil, water, associated gas mixture

· Design pressure Max:9.8MPa (1400psi)

· Normal operate pressure Max:<7.5MPa (1088psi)

· Inlet pressure ( Max):32.0MPa ( 4640psi)

· Inlet temperature:≥10℃ (50°F)

· Gas-Oil Ratio: >150

· Safety valve set pressure :7.5MPa(HP)(1088psi)、1.3MPa(LP)(200psi)

· Rupture Disc set pressure :9.4MPa (1363psi)

· Gas Flow measure precision :±1%

· Overall dimensions(L*W*H):determined by the project

· Power supply :220VAC,10A

· Monitoring mode: IPC control

· Inlet & outlet connection type : Thread type

· Structure: Integrated or Separated

· Certification: ASME, API, BV, CE, SGS


    Test Separator

    Below test separator is used to separate the well fluids and allows monitoring of well fluids. Test separators can be vertical, horizontal, or spherical. They can be two-phase or three-phase. They can be permanently installed or portable (skid or trailer mounted). Test separators can be equipped with various types of meters for measuring the oil, gas, and/or water for potential tests, periodic production tests, marginal well tests, etc.

    Production Separator

    The production separator is used to separate the produced well fluid from a well, group of wells, or a lease on a daily or continuous basis. Production separators can be vertical, horizontal, or spherical. They can be two-phase or three-phase.


    Low-temperature Separator

    A low-temperature separator is a special one in which high-pressure well fluid is jetted into the vessel through a choke or pressure reducing valve so that the separator temperature is reduced appreciably below the well-fluid temperature. The temperature reduction is obtained by the Joule–Thomson effect of expanding well fluid as it flows through the pressure-reducing choke or valve into the separator. The lower operating temperature in the separator causes condensation of vapors that otherwise would exit the separator in the vapor state. Liquids thus recovered require stabilization to prevent excessive evaporation in the storage tanks.


    Anti-Sulfur & Acid

    Three Phase Metering Separato

    Three-phase metering separator widely used in oil and gas well testing process of flowing well, after the formation fluid of flowing well flow to the surface, to separate the oil, gas and water, Measuring three kinds of fluid production respectively, and obtained the chemical and physical properties. Horizontal three phase separator is with gas pressure control valve, the gasoil and oil-water interface can be automatically controlled, Installed on the oil field special skid. The device is equipped with a complete manifold system, including the bypass pipeline and oil, gas, water interconnection pipe, all the pipes import and export connected with union. It is easy to be operated and designed the removable outer frame to prevent impact.


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