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Our Certifications
ASME and API certified manufacturing facilities

· Single or dual compartment

· Sight glasses or magnetic level indicators

· High-level and low-level alarm system

· Automatic pressure-control valve normally open on gas outlets

· Fitted with sampling points and pressure and temperature ports

· Protected against overpressure by relief valves

· Shock-protected by a outer frame

Основные технические характеристики


    Surge vessel is a service vessel designed to store liquid hydrocarbons after separation. It is used to verify the accuracy of the oil flow gauge of separator, measure oil output, and further proceed separation from the crude oil which is separated from the separator. Meanwhile it can prevent gas gathering to produce H2S. It is not only a second stage separator but also a metering tank, holding a constant backpressure by using its automatic pressure control valve on the gas outlet. The surge vessel usually consists of a single or double compartment vessel and a level measuring system with sight glasses or magnetic levels. To prevent overpressure and overfilling, the surge vessel is fitted with a pressure-relief valve and a high-level and low-level alarm system. The surge vessel is shock-proof by a outer frame, and is operated vertically, but generally transported in a horizontal position.