HC Petroleum Equipment is a design & engineering, manufacturing, and service-providing company, which focuses on delivering products and services for surface oil & gas facilities, natural gas treatment and processing facilities, EPFs and CPFs, and petrochemical and chemical plants. The mission of our company is to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions and products at affordable cost and faster delivery without compromising safety and quality. We view ourselves as a growing important contributor to boosting energy production and becoming the renowned service and product providers both for domestic and international markets. We are driven by our core values, standards, and work ethics, cherishing each opportunity given by the esteemed client, valuing their trust, confidence, and time, and providing necessary technical support.


The story of the group starts in 2004 when the mechanical workshop was established to deliver static and mechanical equipment for surface oil & gas testing and production facilities. Over the years of operation and development, the company expanded its capabilities in fabrication, design & engineering, quality management field services, and project management. From 2007-to 2015, the company was focusing on delivering skid-mounted equipment, such as 2-phase/3-phase separator skids, heat-exchanging, and heating skids, filter-separator/filter-coalescer skids, rotating equipment skids, NGL recovery & gas treatment skids, and many other modular units for early production facilities, central production facilities, natural gas treatment, and processing facilities. In recent years, the company becomes a vertically integrated company, delivering solutions and services starting from the concept development to commissioning and start-up of complete surface oil & gas facilities, such as flowback & surface well testing, crude oil treatment, natural gas treatment & processing, CNG systems, mini-, and mid-sized LNG plants, LNG liquefaction and regasification stations, gas handling and metering station, customized mini- and mid-sized chemical/petrochemical plants. 2022-2030, the group aims to be one of the important contracting companies, pioneering several technologies, and gradually switching to green energy.

Our team consists of dedicated, experienced, and skillful professionals whose primary focus is customer satisfaction. We encourage a healthy and friendly working environment both within our group and third parties. We have in-house design capabilities and a diverse engineering team, which consists of process engineers, mechanical engineers, E&I engineers, product engineers, HQSE, and QC. Our fabrication team consists of experienced and qualified welders, managers, and other necessary personnel to ensure that products and systems are fabricated as per codes & standards per industry practices.

We have in-house developed products for fast track launching of certain facilities, such as mobile and stationary crude oil treatment facilities, CNG systems, LNG systems, surface well test & flowback systems, minimizing CAPEX and project start-up period. We also offer super-fast customized fabrication services for static equipment, such as columns, exchangers, pressure vessels, etc. We are talking about 30-45 days of fabrication for certified static equipment. When it comes to the field services, HC has developed products and systems for natural gas treatment & compression for CNG and LNG services, and currently is active in northern parts of China. We also provide equipment rental services and working to expand overseas.


Our fabrication facility is ISO- and ASME-certified, ensuring the integrity of the works and quality. We also hold several domestic certifications, including high-pressure vessel and piping fabrication permits, patents, and more yet to come. Our assembly shops offer clean and well-managed space for fabrication of skid-mounted equipment and conducting all necessary tests & inspections, FAT, etc. At this moment, HC’s new facility in Yancheng, China is being built and will be finished by 2023, boosting the speed and scale of the fabrication. By 2025, we plan to launch FPSO fabrication, delivering large modules for offshore or near-shore LNG, natural gas processing, refinery, and petrochemical plants.

This is just a glimpse of our company and capabilities, feel free to contact us for more information, technical support, and cooperation. We cherish each opportunity as this is a beginning or bridge to the exciting and mutually fruitful cooperation.

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    Our mission is to deliver high quality, fast and cost-effective solutions to the world through R&D, intelligent management and new technologies.
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    We see ourselves as the important player in the international market of providing engineering service and quality equipment for oil and gas industry.
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    Values & Principles
    Integrity, responsibility, respect and pioneering.
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