ESD Control Panel

ESD Control Panel


Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Console is a particularly important component of surface well test system, as ESD console supplies hydraulic force to emergency shutdown valves to close flow line instantly if emergency like high pressure or high temperature occurs during well testing and production.

ESD console or ESD control panel consists of several components like air-driven hydraulic pump, pilot valves, check valve, strainer, SS liquid tank with indicator, pressure indicators, needle valves, regulators flow control valves, push button, regulator, ball valves, cylinders, and other auxiliary components. As a construction material for control panel and station stainless steel usually is used. For convenient transportation and operation, HC can design special skids with lifting lungs made from carbon steel. 


Current flowchart shows how ESD Control Panel connected with components of surface well test systems. Emergency fail-safe valves requires hydraulic force to keep valves open during operation, so hydraulic force is constantly supplied to valves from ESD console by hydraulic hoses. Pressure pilots are installed downstream of choke valve on data header or line, and another pressure pilots are installed in the pipe manifold of test separator or on separator body to detect sudden increase in pressure (usually up to 1300 psi). After rise in pressure is detected, pilots activate ESD panel to shutdown upstream valves. Also, additional push buttons are installed on the back and head of test separator skid allowing operator to shutdown flow line immediately.


During well test, flowback and other oilfield operations, Emergency Shutdown System is very important and shall be designed properly using quality and certified components. HC Petroleum Equipment ensures proper design, performance guarantee, cost-effectiveness and immediate technical support when it comes to design and fabrication of oilfield hydraulic systems, such as well test ESD systems. Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information and quotation for ESD control panels, as well as complete emergency shutdown systems. 

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Surface Safety Valve (SSV) 

Surface Safety Valve or Surface Shutdown Valve is a fail-safe gate valve with hydraulic actuator, designed to automatically shut down flowline in case of emergency during well test, flowback and production works. SSV requires hydraulic force (2500-6000 psi), usually provided by emergency shutdown control panel (ESD Panel). SSV shall comply with PR2 performance requirements, meaning SSV has higher test requirements during manufacturing by SSV manufacturer. HC Petroleum Equipment supplies SSV integrated to ESD system, providing additional means of safety for oilfield personnel and upstream equipment. Feel free to contact us to receive technical information and quotation for SSV. 

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