We deliver fit-for-purpose services and solutions for onshore and offshore oil & gas projects, helping our customers to accomplish their projects in a shorter period with lower CAPEX and OPEX without compromising safety, quality and integrity. As HC Petroleum Equipment primarily focuses on upstream surface oil & gas projects, our services and products can find their use in midstream and downstream segments of oil & gas, power & energy industries.

From the standpoint of the service provider, we can consider ourselves as a vertically integrated company, offering design & engineering, fabrication, shipment, and field services for oilfield service companies, EPC companies, and international and national oil & gas companies. We have in-house capabilities for all disciplines of oil & gas engineering, high-pressure and special service static equipment manufacturing, clean and well-managed assembly and modularization facilities, FAT, test & inspection facilities, and dedicated teams to ensure proper project management and after-sales services.

As many say that focusing on many ones might lose focus on the main. This is not the case with us. Because of the diversity of our products and services, we have all the necessary expertise and capabilities to apply to our projects. We are flexible and ready for changes. We employ modern techniques and technologies in our design and products, while we do not forget old and basic principles. We constantly keep up with the newest updates in international codes & standards and apply them. We follow all relevant codes & standards to deliver compliant services and products for our clients and their end-users. We understand the importance of the quality, speed, and integrity of our work because many depend on it, without mentioning the complexity and importance of EPC projects or new oilfield development. We understand that on each count, we do not like downtime and ensure timely completion of the works to avoid the downtime in the works of our client at any interface.

Project Management & Quality Control

Time is always against us, especially when it comes to the new oilfield, maintenance & repair, construction or modernization of the surface oil & gas facilities, the EPFs, the natural gas treatment, and processing facilities, or any petrochemical or chemical plants. Delays in the projects cause late project start-up and operation, putting pressure on the construction companies and the end-user. We understand the importance of the delivery periods and ensure completion of all works from our end, delivering products and services to our quality on time and in the right quantity and quality. Our experienced project managers and teams will provide timely and professional assistance to you throughout the project.

Being a service and product provider in the oil & gas, power & energy industry, our services and products are used in areas with high-pressure steam with toxic and corrosive substances, such as hydrogen sulfide, and harsh environmental conditions, from coldest to hottest. While dealing with these challenges, we ensure that our personnel is qualified and trained for a particular job, and our products and equipment are certified and passed all necessary tests & inspections before dispatching to the site or to the client. We ensure that our design & engineering is done as per industry practices and comply with relevant codes & standards. We understand the importance of the reliability and quality of any components of our solution. Our QC always stands at your guard. We always follow our HSEQ framework and encourage others to follow as well.
Design & Engineering

All works depend on design & engineering. Design & Engineering is the basis for procurement, fabrication, and construction of modular systems, stand-alone equipment, and any facility. As one proverb says: “the beginning is the half of every action.”, design & engineering is our beginning, which should be set right and done as per industry practices, relevant codes & standards, and meeting the requirements of the projects. HC Petroleum Equipment offers overall design & engineering services starting from the conceptual design to as-built documentation. We offer the following design & engineering services, which also come part with our skid-mounted modular products:

  • Process design
  • Mechanical design
  • Piping
  • Structural
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Static & Rotating Equipment Design
  • Civil
  • Procedures and Instructions

We use industry-applied engineering software. Our teams consist of experienced, qualified, and skillful engineers, such as engineering managers, project engineers, product engineers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, static-column equipment mechanical engineers, vessel-exchanger mechanical engineers, E & I engineers, instrumentation engineers, electrical engineers, procurement engineers, proposal engineers, mechanical engineers – rotating, control & automation, QC, and HSEQ. We value and cherish our teams. We value the importance of training. We invite other talented individuals to join our teams!
Fast Track Services

HC Petroleum Equipment provides fast track solutions to meet the global demand for energy production and consumption by offering in-house developed solutions and products, such as:

Well clean-up & surface well testing:

  • De-sanding (sand removal) systems;
  • Test & metering packages;
  • Choke and flowline equipment;
  • Indirect heaters & utility equipment;
  • 2-phase and 3-phase separator skids (horizontal / vertical);
  • Flare stack and its systems
  • Supervisory Data Acquisition System, Motor Control Panels, etc.
  • Trailer-mounted systems;
  • H2S removal unit based on Iron Sponge Process;
  • Chemical injection skids and other utility equipment.

Crude oil treatment:

  • Inlet / Production Manifolds;
  • HIPPS;
  • Stage separators;
  • All types of heaters;
  • Exchangers, coolers;
  • Heater-treaters / Oil Dehydrator & Desalters;
  • Oil stabilization;
  • Transfer & booster pumps;
  • Flare stack, flare KOD, and all auxiliaries;
  • Open/Closed Drain Drums with Sump Pumps;
  • Tanks & Drum;
  • Vapor Recovery Units;
  • Fuel Gas Package
  • Instrument air and purge gas packages;
  • Other process and utility systems;
  • Trailer-based (for small flow rates).

Natural Gas Treatment & Processing:

  • Gas gathering & metering;
  • Water bath heaters, electric heaters, etc.;
  • Gas-liquid separation & filtering;
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) removal unit (Amine/Mol.sieve/Scavengers);
  • Gas dehydration units (TEG/Mol.sieve/Membrane/etc.);
  • Mercury Removal Unit;
  • Gas Refrigeration & Low-Pressure Separation Unit;
  • Condensate Stabilization Unit;
  • LPG (propane/butane) Production Units;
  • Complete CNG system (gas from wells to CNG cylinders);
  • Complete min- and mid-size LNG plants (gas from well to LNG storage/loading tanks)

We have very competitive fit-for-purpose solutions that can be delivered in a relatively short period, ensuring fast turnover and start-up. We can reduce CAPEX significantly because of in-house design & engineering and in-house fabrication. Moreover, our standardized equipment and solution are bringing a lot of benefits to our clients who are willing to go by the fast track mode. Feel free to contact us and learn more about our solution for oil & gas treatment and processing. We are a flexible and easy-going company.

Fabrication is the stage where ideas and designs turn into physical form, turning to a real value and benefiting the client by its reliability and capability to deliver performance. The in-house fabrication facility of HC Petrochemical Equipment is certified by ISO and ASME organizations as well as inspected by the various and famous third-party inspection (TPI) agencies, such as BV, TUV, APPLUS, etc. We hold all necessary international, and domestic certifications to fabricate the products and skid-mounted for many domestic and overseas oil & gas projects.

As one of our advantages is being a vertically integrated company, delivering both design & engineering and fabrication services, we can also provide only fabrication services based on the requirements, drawings and specifications of the clients. We provide following fabrication services:

  • Overall design and fabrication services;
  • Modular-/skid-mounted oriented fabrication as per transport and site requirements;
  • Customization & modularization services;
  • Pre-fabrication services;
  • Stand-alone static equipment fabrication (columns, pressure vessels, exchangers);
  • Pressure piping fabrication;
  • Piping assembly and testing;
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT);
  • Machining services;
  • Qualified welding services;
  • Electrical & instrumentation connecting & wiring;
  • PLC, MCC, etc.;
  • Surface treatment & painting services;
  • Test & inspections as per codes & standards.

We follow international and commonly applied standards, such as ISO, ASME, API, ASTM, NACE, BS, IEC, GOST, GB, NFPA, EN standards, and many other codes & standards based on the local requirements and project specifications. Our welders are well qualified and trained with 20+ of welding experiences. We can accommodate and manage even large orders simultaneously because of the established network with our sub-vendors that already passed QA/QC of our company. Our qualified and experienced personnel will ensure craftwork, delivering clean, quality, and fit-for-purpose equipment for oil & gas projects. We welcome you to visit our company, offices, and fabrication facility or arrange TPI to visit. Also, we can arrange an online inspection for the facility, providing you with all the necessary support.

HC Petroleum Equipment is growing and developing. Currently, we are establishing a new and larger facility that will be completed by 2023 to meet the global and domestic demand for oil & gas equipment. The future looks very promising! Feel free to contact us if any of our services seem interesting to you. We are at your disposal.
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