Heat Exchanger ordered by Russian customer

The vertical heat exchanger designed and manufactured by HC for Russian project has been completed and is ready for loading and delivery.


The main function of vertical heat exchanger is to transfer part of the heat of hot fluid to cold fluid to achieve the desired temperature or effect. The equipment plays an important role in the production of petroleum, chemical and other industries.


The equipment has a design pressure of 1.1MPa and a design temperature of 80℃. The main body is composed of tank body, heat exchange tube bundle, tube box, inlet and outlet pipe. Its main features are as follows: in the tube box, the heat exchange tube bundle is divided into six round-trip processes by using split partition plates; A baffle plate is arranged under the side of the heat exchange tube bundle, a guide plate is arranged on the side, and a baffle plate is arranged above. Its advantages are high heat transfer coefficient, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.


In order to meet the needs of users, we combine domestic advanced technology, and constantly optimize the performance of the heat exchanger, so as to achieve the best effect and reduce the cost of the production and operation.




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