Test Separation Facility For Haihuate in DALIAN

This project provides three-phase separation of oil and gas for multi-phase flow test platform of seafloor engineering. The oil is mineral lubricating oil (new oil, no emulsification is considered), water is fresh water, and gas is air.

project process

• Designed, manufactured and supplied Three-phase separator  as  per  GB/T150-2011 and TSG 21-2016 standard.

• Before placing order, drawings with technical description was provided.

• Customer conducted inspection of engineering and manufacturing facilities.

• During the products, technical team of our company relied on GB standard with all required engineering, manufacturing, testing, marking.

• By the November of 2018 Three-phase separator were successfully delivered to the production side.

The representatives of customer visited and inspected our factory, and communicated with our engineers about the technical issues. The representatives expressed their approval and praised for our design, production and processing capabilities and showed wilingness to build long- term mutual cooperation with our company.

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