Blowing tank and separators for Turkish customer

After purchasing the blowing tank manufactured, the Turkish customer reordered for the blowing tank and gas separator from HC. According to customer's feedback, the blowing tank is with stable operation and the technical process fully meets the demand.


Basic parameters of blowing tank:

- Cylinder size: DN2800*6800*26mm

- Volume: 54.5m3

- Working pressure: P = 1200KPa

- Design pressure: 1.6Mpa

- Basic parameters of gas separator:

- Cylinder size: DN406*3000*10mm

- Volume: 0.6m3

- Working pressure: P = 1400kPa

- Design pressure: 1.6Mpa

Based on the previous manufacturing experience, our schedule and drawings were completed within a short period of time. All designs were carried out in accordance with the latest ASME standards, and procedures such as U stamp and NB registration were performed according to customer requirements.


In addition to the blowing tank and gas separator, HC specializes in three-phase separator, buffer tank, heat exchanger, water bath heater and the complete set of desulfurization and dehydration equipment. After years of development, HC has obtained relevant certification for pressure vessel manufacturing and has all necessary certificates. Besides providing excellent products and services, we are committed to serving every user with integrity and win-win cooperation spirit.




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